Season 3 returns on Monday, May 1st!
May 15, 2023


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This week as we dive into episode 3, “4-5-1” we consider how we can learn to embrace the flaws and create something more beautiful in a given situation. How we can find the nugget of good or inspiration when things feel hard?

This week Dimple and Jeff continue to dive into the theme of embracing our fears as they explore Colin’s truth and Rebecca’s deepest desires, and why we over me is an effective strategy. They talk about the pedestals we put people when we’re unsure of ourselves, and how in the midst of our fear and insecurity we’ll often go in search of the familiar to feel safe.This is yet another episode jam packed with so much!

“Sometimes there is this sense that if I give people an opportunity to speak their minds I have to do what they’re saying. I’m working with a new coaching client and she said ‘I have a really hard time with collaboration and actually being a leader because if I ask my staff for input then I have to do what they say. How does that make me a leader?’ and I love that [question] because it’s a very real line we have to walk sometimes.” Dimple - (25:18)

In This Episode

  • [03:07] Foreboding joy
  • [08:04 ] Decoupling self-worth from our work
  • [09:25] The stigma of being LGBTQ+ in professional sports
  • [15:17] Zava’s introduction to Richmond
  • [22:10] We over me
  • [24:22] Psychological safety
  • [40:34] The Padawan
  • [40:59] The ethics of Ted’s wife’s new love interest
  • [44:02] The fine line between research and stalking
  • [47:34] Ted’s panic attack during Zava’s first goal
  • [50:51] Ted Lasso’s use of the woo - psychics, ghosts, astrology and how it relates to intuition
  • [57:35] Things get better with time
  • [1:00:24] Keeley hires her friend to work for her.
  • [01:03:21] Episode takeaways

Resources & Links

  • 4 Steps to Creating A Human-Centered Organization

  • Solve Your Problem With Play

  • Jeff’s Positive Psychology Playlist