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Feb. 13, 2023

Beard After Hours

Beard After Hours

Have you ever noticed that we often make assumptions about people based on the briefest of interactions with them. We jump to conclusions about who they are and why they behave a certain way without having the full story. 

The reality is that most people are walking around wearing a mask and just trying to survive, and we have no idea what’s actually happening in their life. 

Think of tWitch, Robin Williams, Anthony Bourdain, and Chester Bennington to name a few. All of these people were known for something specific - and when they passed, we learned there was much about them kept in the shadows because they felt pressured to be what the world perceived them to be. This week’s episode is jam-packed with symbolism, reminding us that things aren’t always what they seem.

Here, we’re breaking down several powerful themes, including the impact of the inner critic and how it shows up in our lives, feeling lost and the masks we wear to protect ourselves, and how toxic relationships can make their way into our lives.

We also discuss the value of being able to “unmask” oneself, the complexities of human interaction that lead people to suffer in silence, the idea of having access to people, and the desire to belong.

“You can’t be another way because I only know you this way, and I expect only this from you. I expect Ted Lasso - happiness, joy, and none of this weird stuff- and it’s just like, you gotta let people be more than just one aspect of themselves, you know? And I think we need to embrace that more because that’s just a healthier…you know, coming from a positive psychology way of allowing all the feelings to show up.” – Jeff (09:48)

In This Episode

  • [2:49] Recap of “Beard After Hours” and the themes that came up
  • [15:21] All about Beard: highlighting the “inner critic” 
  • [18:02] The symbolism of the keys
  • [22:33] The idea of access explored 
  • [30:44] The ideas of “Othering” and “Belonging”
  • [35:26] The perks and drawbacks of being in a relationship and being single
  • [41:47] Another theme addressed: consistently asking for help
  • [44:02] The struggle of dealing with your inner critic’s insults
  • [48:43] Exploring Beard and Jane: the dynamics of toxic relationships 
  • [55:35] Exploring the idea that there is no deeper level to some people 
  • [1:00:05] The relationship you have vs. the relationship you want with someone
  • [1:02:44] Is Jane good for Beard?
  • [1:07:35] Takeaways from the episode for you 

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