Season 3 returns on Monday, May 1st!
Jan. 2, 2023

Do the Right-est Thing

Do the Right-est Thing
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Whether in a leadership position or simply part of a team, sincerity is at the heart of functioning personal and professional dynamics. But what do we do when our gut prompts us to do something outside the norm? 

Episode three, “Do The Rightest Thing,” adds a political element to the team's trials, and we see a moving display of unity and solidarity when one player stands up for what he believes in. In today’s episode, we explore finding the courage to push back, the tendency to people-please, what happens when we’re feeling lost, and why leaders must trust their team's training and ability to stand on their own.  

“I think sometimes that ability as a leader to be able to recognize, ‘OK, I don’t have this particular gift, somebody else does, but that doesn’t mean I’m any less of a leader in this place. It just means I do things one way, and this person can help make this even stronger.’” – Dimple (30:05)

We also discuss what it means to “do the right thing” for yourself and those around you and how these decisions can make waves, intended and unintended. As we head into the next week, we’re mulling over this question about following and trusting our intuition. 

“That is the question for us listeners. What is the thing you’re struggling on where you feel like, ‘I need to do the right thing,’ and what is being communicated to you from your intuition?” – Jeff (58:16)

In This Episode

  • [1:16] What we’re willing to sacrifice for happiness and clarity
  • [9:25] Developing sincerity and managing our people-pleasing tendencies 
  • [16:23] Finding the courage to push back and sometimes say, ‘No’
  • [27:07] Why leaders sometimes have to step back and let their people fly 
  • [36:50] The strength and drive of the younger generation and how leaders need to support these younger professionals
  • [45:18] The importance of standing up for what you believe in 
  • [51:20] The dynamic of the team shifts
  • [55:19] Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing
  • [59:35] Takeaways for the next week

Resources & Links

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