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Jan. 30, 2023



This week, we jump into Season 2, episode 7 of Ted Lasso, “Headspace.” In this episode, we look at where several of our characters are in their own headspace and how they got there. 

Some of the main areas of discussion include breaking down and exploring themes of trauma in various forms, setting boundaries in life and relationships, what self-care really looks like, and the role of assertiveness in leadership. 

We also explore the need for external validation, how striving for perfection is in vain, how our inherent negativity bias impacts our confidence, how toxic behavior can be contagious, and how leaders can help people co-regulate their nervous systems and get out of a reactive state. 

“I think there are a lot of leaders out there that are strong leaders that don’t… you know, like how Rebecca was saying in, I think, two episodes ago about how you don’t have to yell. You just have to be assertive. And so I think there’s a lot of leaders who areassertive and they’re good at what they do, and they’re strong without having to be mean.” – Dimple (4:31)

In This Episode

  • [1:14] Dimple and Jeff’s thoughts on the episode
  • [4:27] What does it mean to be a strong leader - an analysis of Nate
  • [9:15] Chasing approval, consistent external validation, and the pursuit of happiness
  • [13:16] Toxic workplaces and the contagiousness of toxic behavior
  • [20:49] Ted in therapy: the many shapes trauma can take
  • [30:05] Self-care can be scary - it’s not all bubble baths and spa days
  • [39:12] Stop auditioning your complaints! 
  • [41:17] People tend to give advice to others that they should take for themselves 
  • [42:10] How trauma can inform romantic relationships
  • [50:12] Most relationships are not like fairytales
  • [54:04] It can be scary to put yourself out there  
  • [58:58] Dimple’s and Jeff’s takeaways for the week and for life


Resources & Links

  • 4 Steps to Creating A Human-Centered Organization

  • Solve Your Problem With Play

  • Jeff’s Positive Psychology Playlist