Season 3 returns on Monday, May 1st!
May 8, 2023

I (Don’t Want to Go to) Chelsea

I (Don’t Want to Go to) Chelsea
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What do second chances plus curiosity equal? Pure magic! And pure magic is exactly what we get as we dive into episode 2 - I (Don’t Want to Go to) Chelsea where Dimple and Jeff continue our exploration of this season’s overarching theme of facing our fears. In addition, we talk about origin stories, the impact of regrets, and our favorite theme of all -  just being human.

Episode 2 is rich with examples of brave leadership and accountability as we watch several of our main characters step up and engage in tough conversations rather than putting them off. This episode also highlights how our mindset can make us or break us as we contrast the limiting, albeit protective power of the inner critic with two little words that can provide us with an opportunity to change our trajectory in life and make new choices.  

“I think the term ‘not yet’ is so powerful because with anything if you add the word “yet” at the end of it - there are so many things in our life that I may not be good at this - yet - but I have the capacity to practice or do whatever to shift that. It’s this way of shifting our mindset a little bit.” (Dimple 45:20)

In This Episode

  • [03:20] Keeley’s dynamic with the CFO.
  • [10:00] Ted bringing Trent into the team. 
  • [11:00] Zava’s real-life counterpart Swedish star Zlatan.
  • [13:10) The two overarching themes that in the episode.
  • [17:35] Jamie’s growth arc in the show.
  • [19:10] On the expression of empathy.
  • [28:11] Keeley’s confidence and standing in her leadership with curiosity.
  • [33:08] Trent and Roy’s history and origin stories. 
  • [35:50] Recalling Chelsea's locker room scene and Trent walking in.
  • [40:35] Dimple elaborates on the idea of the inner critic.
  • [45:20] The power of “not yet” and how it relates to having a growth mindset.
  • [50:01] Rebecca’s origin story and being groomed by a narcissist..
  • [56:45] Letting go of results.
  • [58:10] On Zava deciding to play for Richmond.
  • [59:49] Final takeaways.

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