Season 3 returns on Monday, May 1st!
Feb. 27, 2023

Midnight Train to Royston

Midnight Train to Royston
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This week we dive into Season 2 Episode 11 - Midnight Train to Royston. Jam packed with so many unfinished storylines, this episode gave Jeff and Dimple a lot to talk about!  

The arrival of a Ghanaian billionaire looking to dismantle colonialism one football player at a time. Nate’s misreading of so many situations. Roy and Keeley trying to grow into their own even as they do the work to stay together. Ted and Dr. Sharon’s final moments together. Trent Crimm’s decision to buck ethics in favor of protecting someone he’s grown to respect. It’s ego, passion, love, and betrayal, all packed into a heavy hitting episode that left Jeff and Dimple with a lot of unresolved questions.

Check out the episode to hear Jeff and Dimple as they reflect on the episode’s development. Dimple talks about the five ways our nervous system reacts when it is activated and compares those reactions with the events and dialogues unfolding throughout the episode and much more! 

“When I think about ego, ego is one of those things, like in my work I talk about the five ways that we react when our nervous system is activated. Fight or flight. Fight, flight, freeze which we are all familiar with. Fix and then something called Fake. And fake is the one where we double down, and we pretend. We do everything we can to show people that we have power. That we are perfectionists or we’re perfect in what we are doing and we don’t need help. All these things. So to me, this is very much like this ego is really like Nate’s fight or flight response to me.” Dimple – (55:28)

In This Episode

  • [03:35] Dimple’s take on watching Edwin Akufo.
  • [05:54] The idea of the African billionaire.
  • [10:48] On Dimple not liking the ending of the episode.
  • [12:50] Listen to your gut and check-in with your heart.
  • [13:20] Jeff on the second doorknob drop and understanding what your voice is saying.
  • [16:15] The ability to hear our own opinion amid the noise.
  • [17:40] Focusing on what’s clear, not what’s foggy.
  • [23:05] A world where women need men less than they ever have.
  • [24:24] Dimple talks about the two songs of this episode.
  • [33:10] Talking about the infamous letter and Ted’s reactions.
  • [37:25] The Good Will Hunting reference. 
  • [41:00] Final storyline and all about Nate.
  • [42:40] On Nate kissing Keeley.
  • [55:30] Dimple’s take on ego and the 5 ways we react.
  • [1:00:25] Discussing the tree analogy by Beard.
  • [1:03:09] Nate’s betrayal of Ted.
  • [1:03:25] Jeff puts himself in Ted’s shoes and talks about abandonment.
  • [1:04:19] Jeff and Dimple talk about major takeaways from the episode.

Resources & Links

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  • Solve Your Problem With Play

  • Jeff’s Positive Psychology Playlist