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Dimple is Awesome!

Dimple brings thoughtful insight to the podcast. She is well studied and pulls out nuggets of information that makes the listener think. It feels like Jeff may be doing something else when he watches the show. I would give 5 stars if it was just Dimple doing the show.

Incredible wisdom!

I’m not normally a podcast person (I usually prefer to listen to music in the car), but this one has me hooked! I am a fellow Ted-Head and designed a high school course called “Lead Like Lasso” for our school’s Interim Term. Dimple and Jeff provide great insight (and point out Easter eggs!) about the lessons we can learn from “Ted Lasso”. This is a fantastic podcast and I’m especially looking forward to their reflections when the 3rd season comes out.

Good, with some caveats.

Really enjoy listening to this - however, some of the points of discussion get undercut by Jeff. I don’t appreciate the lackluster preparation - if you’re gonna do it, then go for it, man! Be prepared, know names, be ready to talk about it. It feels like Dimple carries the show in this regard. You’re doing a podcast on a show - watch and make notes. Pause. Rewind. Clarify your references and points. Otherwise, truly enjoy you all’s discussions and the light you shed on the brilliant writing in Ted Lasso.

So much wisdom within insightful, fun bantr!

If you’re a Ted Lasso fan you’ll love this podcast from Dimple Dhabalia and Jeff Harry! They dig into the deeper meaning of interactions between Ted and everyone, music choices, the suggestion box, those toy soldiers, and so much more. And they look at the show through the lens of positive psychology meets leadership. I highly recommend this podcast!

We all need to examine WWTLD

Confession - I binged TL in 24 hours and couldn’t get enough. I wanted to be more like Keeley and Ted - responding to tough situations altruisticly. When I googled how to be like TL and found this podcast - I was elated! Listening to this daily instead of scrolling random motivational quotes - brings reality and humanity into focus. Great concept and relatable references. Thank you!

Keep on believing!

Hosts Dimple Dhabalia and Jeff Harry have turned me into a TedHead! I love their engaging banter and how they tease out such great lessons in positive psychology and human-centered leadership. Let’s change the world. Believe!!!

Leaders finding the love of Ted Lasso’s leadership!

A fun, funny, insightful look at the wonderful Ted Lasso tv show. Dimple brings her love of positive psychology and passionate mindfulness, which melds perfectly with Jeff’s ability to playful recap a personal experience, in an engaging analysis of the leadership and relationship building concepts weaved into the intelligent and compelling writing of the tv series. Jeff and Dimple’s discussions are enjoyable and full of playfulness. They tie their own experiences, current events, and pop culture references all to further explain the depth of the show. A great 50 minutes to fill your heart and mind with a smile. Favorite parts so far include their review of the books referenced in the series and in the “Biscuits” episode when they discuss closed captioning.

Such a heart opening listen!

Watching Ted Lasso has been such a cathartic, heart opening experience, and in line with that, this podcast brings forth that open hearted space. The hosts are adept at creating such a safe environment (like Ted) that it’s a natural experience to feel the heart open and a love for fellow humans to emerge. Thanks so much fellow humans!!💙

Lifts me Up

The chemistry between Dimple and Jeff is delightful. Their infectious, insightful, well rounded, egalitarian banter just, simply, lifts me up. I've listen to all the Ted Lasso podcasts I can find, and this one is the Best.

Love to believe!

Dimple and Jeff have an undeniable and natural chemistry. Having seen Ted Lasso more times than I’ll admit, I find myself rewatching the episode just covered because of the wonderful insights and fresh perspectives. Not only that, the hosts offer their own life wisdom along the way (Jeff’s bouncing ball story/insight floored me in the best way possible). This is the perfect podcast to accompany the show!

Great podcast, if you ever want a guest third host holla

Love this podcast and the hosts and the content. I’m a massive Ted Lasso fan and embody all that Ted Lasso is. If you ever want a third host, the corporate Ted Lasso. I’m in there like swimwear!

The Lasso Way

Simple and Jeff dive into each episode of Ted Lasso to discuss lessons on life, leadership, joy and curiosity. A thoughtful and entertaining look at how to apply these lessons in the workplace and our own lives. Thanks to the podcast I’ve jumped back into the show for a rewatch and seen a lot of details I’d missed the first time around. Great podcast!

Love it!

Whether you know and love Ted Lasso or not (and if not, that’s a whole other matter!), you’ll appreciate these open-hearted explorations of what the show offers to us as humans and leaders. It’s a delight to listen to Dimple and Jeff as I reflect on my own takeaways and feel inspired to watch the show again!

Believe… and so much more!

Dimple and Jeff bring to life the many lessons of Ted Lasso’s in a very engaging and thought provoking conversation— ending with a challenge to action one of the lessons that resonated with you! Liked the kindness quest! Looking forward to the next episode!

Fun AND deep conversations!

I love this podcast. Dimple and Jeff have great banter and get into some fun(ny) conversations that are also deep in context. I love the deep dive into each episode with a focus on what to carry forward into the next week. There are things they picked up on in Ted Lasso that I didn’t and it makes me take a more critical look into how I can be more authentic in my daily life. They do all this with humor while also bringing their own wealth of knowledge to the table. Keep it up you two!!

Gosh darn it, YES!

So much yes to this podcast. Ted Lasso is the coach the world needs today and this podcast applies the lessons and leadership maxims that can change lives. Let’s Gooooooo!

A nice soulful perspective

I love that this team is taking such a great TV show and having conversations about things that matter, tying it into the themes presented in the show. Takes what is already a meaningful show and brings it all closer to home. Check it out!


Thank you Dimple on the assignment of what I’m going to carry forward over the next week from episode 1. I’m going to Believe.

This is what Ted Lasso is about

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that someone is out there talking about these aspects of the show!! These are the reasons I tell people to watch the show. Positivity. Compassion. Appreciation. Leadership. We need more of these conversations and these mindsets in the world.

Funny, inspirational. What more could you want?

WWTD? A new motto for being brave, reaching out to others and building genuine connections. A fantastic and funny dialogue between two friends on some of the more important stuff in life plus Laaso fandom nuggets! Something for everyone. Highly recommend! Dimple Dhabalia has an amazing voice as a bonus!


This podcast is fun & refreshing. I love the concept, and the conversation feels like I’m with my BFFS hanging out in the basement watching TV together, having deep intellectual conversations at the same time 😂


From where I sit, timing of this show and this podcast is just another example of how things happen for us, not to us, and the profoundly essential role that Story plays in helping us navigate life and love and leadership. Thank you, Dimple and Jeff, for taking us deeper and making it personal!


Dimple Dhabalia’s voice is wonderful to listen to. I love her insightful questions and clear enthusiasm for the show. Feels like sitting down with a good friend.


The title alone hooked me in but as I listened... wanted more. It is refreshing to hear about positive psychology and how to tangibly apply these concepts to the workplace. The weight of the state of the world has gotten me down but this podcast helps me feel more grounded

Love this podcast!

Dimple and Jeff are amazing together! This is such a fun podcast. I love that they talk about play, positive psychology, and Ted Lasso. So many amazing nuggets of wisdom!

Fun and Thought provoking!

Much more than a recap of Ted Lasso podcast! Dimple and Jeff dive into the show while bringing up larger conversations on fun, authenticity, and being and finding yourself in todays world. As Jeff says get “out of your meh and don’t be so comfortable”. This is what it takes to do things the Lasso way. This podcast keeps you listening and laughing..and of course wanting to rewatch Ted Lasso

Lasso lessons

Really appreciated being guided thru the lessons I missed while watching the show and the hosts have valuable tips and reflections to share!

Inspiring AND Funny!

This podcast is a great balance of inspiration, insight and humor. They do a great job of really dissecting the true nature, intention, relationships and dynamics of the show Ted Lasso that go beyond just the Xs and Os of the game. Listeners will walk away feeling invigorated and inspired to make positive changes in themselves and in the world . Highly recommend!

Love this podcast!

Great podcast on leadership through the lens of Ted Lasso characters. I love how Dimple Dhabalia and Jeff Harry synthesize leadership and positive psychology concepts in with the lessons from the show. A lot is covered in the first episode with Dimple tieing in humble leadership, growth mindset and grit while Jeff focuses on atunement and connection. Their passion and energy is infectious. There is one story that took me by surprise and had me yelling YES out loud as I was driving alone (will leave it to the listener to figure that one out). In a time when it is easy to turn to the negative and just skate by, Dimple and Jeff (and Ted) remind us what we can do if we just believe. Take the time to listen and ask yourself “What would Ted Lasso do?” #leadership #podcast

Fun and Insightful

I was just thinking about watching Ted Lasso again before the new season starts, and after listening to this great podcast I’m totally in! Jeff and Dimple bring an interesting perspective to the show, and extend discussions on the show themes by asking WWTLD. Brilliant!