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July 26, 2022

All Apologies

All Apologies

Why is it so hard to be accountable and admit when we’re wrong? More importantly, why are we so afraid of creating space to have those conversations?


This week we look at Episode 9, the penultimate episode, of What Would Ted Lasso Do? - All Apologies - and explore what’s at the heart of forgiveness.


We also dive deep into the connection between empathy and forgiveness, the perfectionistic tendencies of high performers, the importance of self-compassion, and what the audacity to BELIEVE looks like.


“Forgiveness is ultimately about growing from the process. … Oftentimes we forgive people not for them, but [for] us. It’s about what we carry and what it does to us. How do you sit down with someone who has destroyed [you] and forgive them?”


In This Episode


●     Belief, forgiveness and empathy (02:41)

●     Difficult conversations and leadership (04:12)

●     What do you do when you’re wrong? (08:16)

●     Why forgiveness is one of the most difficult – and important – things to do (13:41)

●     How selfishness can distort forgiveness (19:48)

●     The connection between identity and change (23:29)

●     The purpose of our inner critic (28:23)

●     The audacity of belief (34:49)

●     Why we stay in jobs we hate (38:07)

●     Performative activism (45:37)

●     Asking “What would Ted Lasso do?” in real life (55:20)


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