Season 3 returns on Monday, May 1st!
May 22, 2023

Big Week

Big Week
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This week we jump into episode 4 - Big Week - and boy, was it ever!

As the Greyhounds head to West Ham to take on Nate’s new team, everyone’s a bit off their game, and it shows. Rebecca’s still fixated on winning and trying to find the right words to inspire Ted. Ted is distracted. The coaches are second guessing their approaches. And the team is disheartened and hurt to see one of their own destroy a symbol they all hold dear. 

As we dive into this episode, Dimple and Jeff explore the duality of being human and the importance of integrating our shadow sides in order to be whole. They talk about what it means to be works in “prog-mess” and why releasing our pain and trauma is so important to our health and well-being. 

“I loved Beard’s analogy. He said ‘pain is like carbon monoxide. Expressing it is like opening a vent. Holding it in will poison you.’ That is such a perfect analogy because those emotions activate our stress response and when our stress response gets activated and we slide into this figh or flight place, all the hormones and chemicals going through our body aren’t meant to be on 24/7, and if we’re holding it all that emotion in, it is kind of poisoning us and harming our bodies. It was a really beautiful analogy.” Dimple - (26:55) 


In This Episode

  • [02:36] Overview of episode themes.
  • [07:29] Revisiting We over Me.
  • [13:27] Toxic masculinity and external validation
  • [15:10] The impact of gaslighting
  • [28:30] Gwen Gordon playground,. proving ground and battleground
  • [29:15] The relationship between stress and chronic health conditions 
  • [29:30] The Body Keeps the Score and embedded trauma
  • [31:40] Project Aristotle and psychological safety
  • [39:31] Tribute to Grant Wahl and his role on Ted Lasso
  • [47:26] The worst thing you could say to a kid
  • [49:54] Revenge as a strategy
  • [52:07] The pain of betrayal by one of your own
  • [55:10] Beating ourselves up for mistakes
  • [57:01] How we show up vs. winning
  • [59:50] Exhibiting healthy masculine
  • [1:08:40] Sitting with our pain and being ourselves during difficult times
  • [01:14:04] The role of our shadow side  

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