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What Would Ted Lasso Do

What Would Ted Lasso Do

What would Ted Lasso Do? We have been asking ourselves this question to get us through the day, to get us through this past year, and to help us navigate the surreal time in which we live. In this podcast, not only do we geek out on Ted Lasso, but we do it through the lens of positive psychology and leadership. Some may see this as just a show, but we have found life-altering lessons in each episode and break them down so you don’t have to. So, whether you’re a diehard TedHead, new to the fandom, fascinated with the world of Positive Psychology, or just want to be a better leader, come along on this rollercoaster journey with us. Together, we can begin to learn what it actually means to BELIEVE.

Recent Episodes

Inverting the Pyramid of Success

March 6, 2023

It’s hard to believe we’re at the end of another season! This week we dive into Episode 12, Inverting the Pyramid of Success, which is packed with twists, turns, many things coming full circle, and a surprise ending. There w…

Midnight Train to Royston

Feb. 27, 2023

This week we dive into Season 2 Episode 11 - Midnight Train to Royston. Jam packed with so many unfinished storylines, this episode gave Jeff and Dimple a lot to talk about! The arrival of a Ghanaian billionaire looking to d…

No Weddings and a Funeral

Feb. 20, 2023

This week, we dive into episode 10 - No Weddings and a Funeral and explore the concept of death and grief; the ritual of celebrating those who have passed on; how we as humans react to loss of life; how an occasion of sadnes…

Beard After Hours

Feb. 13, 2023

Have you ever noticed that we often make assumptions about people based on the briefest of interactions with them. We jump to conclusions about who they are and why they behave a certain way without having the full story. Th…

Man City

Feb. 6, 2023

Vulnerability can be scary; it's hard to be vulnerable, even if you know you have a “safe space” in which to be vulnerable. This episode of Ted Lasso emphasizes this idea in a relatable way. This week’s episode, “Man City,” …


Jan. 30, 2023

This week, we jump into Season 2, episode 7 of Ted Lasso, “Headspace.” In this episode, we look at where several of our characters are in their own headspace and how they got there. Some of the main areas of discussion inclu…

The Signal

Jan. 23, 2023

Relationships can be beautiful but messy. Ted Lasso is a show that highlights this idea in a relatable way. This week’s episode, “The Signal,” is jam-packed with storylines and interesting dynamics with our favorite characte…


Jan. 16, 2023

We’re inching toward the heart of the season with this episode, “Rainbow,” and it’s following in the last episode's footsteps with more profound social and leadership themes. In this episode, we’re breaking down microaggress…

Carol of the Bells

Jan. 9, 2023

It’s Christmastime in Lassoland , and in this week’s episode, we’re breaking down the fun Christmas references and heartwarming storylines happening with our favorite characters in “Carol of the Bells!” With callbacks to Lov…

Do the Right-est Thing

Jan. 2, 2023

Whether in a leadership position or simply part of a team, sincerity is at the heart of functioning personal and professional dynamics. But what do we do when our gut prompts us to do something outside the norm? Episode thre…

About the Hosts

Dimple DhabaliaProfile Photo

Dimple Dhabalia


Drawing on both empowering and disheartening experiences over the course of her career within the humanitarian sector as a catalyst, Dimple launched Roots in the Clouds in 2021 with a personal mission of putting the “human” back into humanitarian, which she defines as anyone working to improve people’s lives and alleviate suffering in the world.

Today Dimple’s cutting-edge work supports a holistic approach to address individual and organizational trauma and moral injury using mindfulness, positively psychology, and principles of equity-centered design.

Working in collaboration with organizational leadership, Dimple helps leaders understand the complexities of the occupational challenges unique to high human impact professions, and resources them with tools and strategies for supporting themselves and their teams and creating psychologically safe cultures of equity, connection and belonging.

Jeff HarryProfile Photo

Jeff Harry


Jeff Harry shows individuals and companies how to tap into their true selves, to feel their happiest and most fulfilled — all by playing.

Jeff has worked with Google, Microsoft, Southwest Airlines, Adobe, the NFL, Amazon and Facebook, helping their staff to infuse more play into the day-to-day.

Jeff is an international speaker who has presented at conferences such as INBOUND, SXSW, and Australia’s Pausefest, showing audiences how major issues in the workplace can be solved using play.

Jeff was selected by Engagedly as one of the Top 100 HR Influencers of 2020 for his organizational development work around addressing toxicity in the workplace.

His playwork has been featured in the New York Times, AJ+, SoulPancake, the SF Chronicle, and CNN.

While we spend most of our time pretending to be important, serious grownups, it's when we let go of that facade and just play, that the real magic happens. Fully embracing your own nerdy genius — whatever that is — gives you the power to make a difference and change lives.

Jeff believes that we already have many of the answers we seek, and by simply unleashing our inner child, we can find our purpose and, in turn, help to create a better world.