Season 3 returns on Monday, May 1st!
March 6, 2023

Inverting the Pyramid of Success

Inverting the Pyramid of Success
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It’s hard to believe we’re at the end of another season! This week we dive into Episode 12, Inverting the Pyramid of Success, which is packed with twists, turns, many things coming full circle, and a surprise ending. There was a lot to talk about and Jeff and Dimple wasted no time diving right into it.

This week we explore the theme of choices. Ted’s choice to keep his panic attack from the team and the aftermath of sharing it with the Diamond Dogs. Keeley’s choice to move onward and upward in her career. Sam’s choice to stay at Richmond and do what’s best for his personal journey. The team’s choice to believe. And Nate’s choice to direct his anger at Ted and then walking away from Richmond after tearing up the team’s beloved BELIEVE sign.   

Tune in to hear Jeff and Dimple as they take a deep dive into the season 2 finale in this extra-long episode of What Would Ted Lasso Do?

“Again, I love his reaction, like don’t you dare. You look so powerful. And he doesn’t say beautiful. I think he says powerful. And I love that. Because you know, so often that’s the stuff women get compliments on. But it is, she is powerful.” Dimple (42:52)

In This Episode

  • [02:49] Jeff and Dimple recap the episode and its powerful ending.
  • [03:01] Jeff’s reaction to the media learning about his panic attacks.
  • (16:53) The breaking of trust between Ted and Nate.
  • [18:34] Discussing the number 10 jersey Sam received.
  • [21:17] The kid in the park with the Obesan Jersey
  • [29:31] Ted’s conversation with the team as an example of accountability. 
  • (35:45) Dimple and Jeff talk about Roy and Keeley
  • [37:40] Roy forgives Jamie and Nate for having affections for Keeley.
  • [38:28] Jeff talks about Tartt’s growth on the pitch.
  • [44:27] Roy’s fear of Keeley moving on and his one feeling.
  • [52:00] Talking about Nate and his fear-based decisions.  
  • [52:47] On Nate not starting out as Nate.
  • [1:00:00] Dimple on whether Nate knows that Beard knows.
  • [1:02:00] Jeff explains the false 9.
  • [1:05:55] Ted Lasso’s proudest locker room moment.
  • [1:12:00] Dimple’s take on Ted’s abandonment issues and how he abandons Nate.

Resources & Links

  • 4 Steps to Creating A Human-Centered Organization

  • Solve Your Problem With Play

  • Jeff’s Positive Psychology Playlist