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Feb. 6, 2023

Man City

Man City

Vulnerability can be scary; it's hard to be vulnerable, even if you know you have a “safe space” in which to be vulnerable. This episode of Ted Lasso emphasizes this idea in a relatable way. This week’s episode, “Man City,” is jam-packed with storylines and interesting dynamics with our favorite characters.

In this episode, we’re breaking down several powerful themes, such as relationships between fathers and sons, understanding our influence on others, and the importance of vulnerability for creating connections. 

We also go on to discuss the intersections of leadership and relationships on and off the soccer pitch, the power of healthy male relationships, the detrimental effects of toxic masculinity, and how loneliness manifests in unexpected places and in unexpected ways.

“You never know what is happening for other people. You can have people who come across as, like, really strong and happy and whatever…it goes to that space of not making assumptions.” – Dimple (27:54)

In This Episode

  • [3:40] Recap of “Man City” and what came up for Dimple and Jeff
  • [6:43] Pondering on the momentum of positivity
  • [11:20] Recognizing the value of relationships despite deep-seated trauma
  • [14:50] Breaking Down Jamie: Setting firm boundaries with family 
  • [16:48] Healthy male relationships: “the hug felt around the world.”
  • [19:45] Separate yourself from your story
  • [22:03] Dr. Sharon and Ted: the plight of finding psychological safety to be vulnerable
  • [26:35] You never know what others are going through
  • [29:45] Loneliness is an epidemic - humans need connection
  • [36:00] Friendship love is just as meaningful as relationship love 
  • [39:38] Vulnerability is all about connecting on an emotional level
  • [43:03] We influence people without realizing it all the time
  • [49:58] Sam and Rebecca: the intersectionality of age and power differentials in relationships

Resources & Links

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  • Solve Your Problem With Play

  • Jeff’s Positive Psychology Playlist