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This podcast is amazing. I love Ted Lasso and listening to the podcast gave me an entirely new perspective of the show. Not only do they discuss the show itself, but they also take the things that Ted “teaches” us and apply it to every day life. I was even inspired to set my own goals like the hosts do at the end of the episode! I cannot recommend this podcast enough!! Definitely give it a listen!

You just gotta believe

Great podcast on leadership through the lens of Ted Lasso characters. I love how Dimple Dhabalia and Jeff Harry synthesize leadership and positive psychology concepts in with the lessons from the show. A lot is covered in the first episode with Dimple tieing in humble leadership, growth mindset and grit while Jeff focuses on atunement and connection. Their passion and energy is infectious. In a time when it is easy to turn to the negative and just skate by, Dimple and Jeff (and Ted) remind us what we can do if we just believe. Take the time to listen and ask yourself “What would Ted Lasso do?” #leadership #podcast

Love this concept, and great team!

Simple and Jeff have such a natural chemistry— mixed with a deep love of Ted Lasso and how it applies to modern life. It’s fun, and it’s helpful to revisit these amazing shows.

Just what the world needs!

In the intense world we live in….bringing in a little more Ted Lasso into our lives can make all the difference. Loved diving into the depth that each show brings with Dimple and Jeff. Great idea, Dimple! 😊