Season 3 returns on Monday, May 1st!
Aug. 2, 2022

The Hope That Kills You

The Hope That Kills You
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Is it really the hope that kills you? Or is it the lack of hope that’s the real threat? 

This question is at the heart of our discussion as we dive into episode 10 - The Hope That Kills You - which also happens to be the final episode of Season 1 of Ted Lasso and our podcast. 

This week, we analyze the impact of hope – and what happens in the absence of it – on leadership and teamwork.

“You always have an impact on somebody. 

So the question is, what type of impact do you wanna have? How do you wanna show up in a room? How do you wanna show up at this moment? Because all of that adds up to something phenomenal and amazing. So what do you wanna do?” - Jeff Harry

We also dive deeper into the role of motivation and agency in creating and sustaining hope and empowering the people you lead, and how hope ties into the overarching concept of believe that serves as the thruline of the show. 

And finally we turn to the biggest lesson we each gleaned from the first season of Ted Lasso and what we’ll be taking with us as we move into the second!  

In This Episode

  • How leaders can empower their teams to succeed, even as roles change (05:53)
  • How failure can make for a valuable perspective, and Brene Brown’s concept of “foreboding joy”  (11:47)
  • Where motivation comes from, and how to use it to create new solutions to problems (13:54)
  • What productive relationships look like between leaders and their people, and trusting others to do their jobs (20:18)
  • Overcoming the impulse to self-protect by “leaning into” disappointment, and the power of hope (24:02)
  • The importance of problem-solving together, regardless of hierarchy or role, and building psychological safety on your team (32:24) 
  • What a “ministry of presence” is, and how just being there can help us get one another through tough times (45:51) 
  • The positive psychology behind allowing ourselves to feel pain (47:17)

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